HairDo Hair Extensions

From HAIRUWEAR, HairDo Clip in Hair Extensions are undetectable, lightweight and easy to attach without damaging your hair, and No salon visiting. You can easily make your hairstyles by HairDo clip-in hair extensions, which allows you to go from long to short or from short to long without cutting your hair. Change texture or add volume in minutes!

How to choose hairdo color?

Just as with one's own hair, all hairdo colors are made up of many different shades to create the most natural looking colors available. When selecting one of these hand-blended colors, spread out the hairs of the extension and place next to your hair. Choose a color that blends with your hair color rather than attempting an exact match.

If you wish to add highlights, choose a shade that is lighter than yours. To add lowlights, choose one that is darker. Because of the muti-tonal shades in each hairdo color, you will be able to choose a color that will blend beautifully with your own hair no one will know you are wearing add-on hair. It's your hairdo beauty secret!


HairDo 23" Wavy Clip-In Extension
HairDo Tru2Life Styleable Fiber 23" Wavy Hair ExtensionClip-in for length and volume.New 23" Wavy Extension is made of...
HairDo Clip In 22" Straight Hair Extension
New Styleable HairDo Clip In 22" Straight Hair ExtensionThe hairdo® multi-level, 22in straight one piece clip-in extension that...
HairDo 23" Grand Clip-in Extension
HairDo 23" Grand Extension from Hairuwear! A three-quarter cap clip-in extension with five strategically placed pressure sensitive clips...
HairDo 16 Inch Ombre ExtensionMulti-level, 16 inch one piece clip-in extension that creates easy, fashionable style without the...
HairDo 16 Inch Fineline Extension
Ultra-thin clip-in extension for length and volume. The HairDo Fineline 1 piece kit reflects the latest in clip-in...
HairDo 20" Styleable Clip-in Wavy Extension
HairDo Tru2Life Styleable Soft Waves Wavy Extensions, 20 inchOne of Hairdo's new stylebales collections. Have gorgeous hair in...
HairDo 18 Inch 8pc Wavy Heat-Friendly Hair Extension Kit from Hairuwear and Ken PavesBeautiful waves for extra length...
HairDo 16 Inch Loose Waves Hair ExtensionNatural, easy-going glamour is here! Flaunt a cascade of relaxed, layered waves....
HairDo Top of Head Clip-in Crown VolumizerMade with Tru2Life fiber, This practical little piece makes a volume of...
HairDo 18 Inch Simply Straight Pony
HairDo 18 Inch Wrap-Around PonyNew name: HairDo 18" Simply Straight Pony Wrap with Tru2Life Styleable fibers.Any woman can...
HairDo 23" Wavy Wrap Around Pony
HairDo 23 Inch Wrap-Around PonyLive From the Red Carpet by HAIRUWEAR and Ken Paves. Instant Fashion Pony Tail.Any...
HairDo Style-A-Do and Mini-Do Duo Pack by Ken PavesFrom hairdo by Ken Paves & HAIRUWEAR, Live From the...
HairDo Modern Fringe Clip-In BangWhat can make a face softer but edgier at the same time? Lash-skimming fringe!...
HairDo 18 Inch Textured Wrap Pony
HairDo 18 Inch Textured Wrap Pony by Ken Paves18" Texture Pony by hairdo takes any wimpy pony from...
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