Emjoi Emagine Rechargeable 72 Tweezer-Head Epilator AP-18R

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Emjoi eMagine 72 Tweezer-Head Hair Removal Epilator, Rechargeable

Designers and engineers at Emjoi, the leader in hair-removal technology, have incorporated everything they know about epilation to create the Cordless Emjoi eMagine hair removal system.

The Kit includes:

  • Emjoi eMagine Rechargeable 72 Tweezer-Head Epilator

  • Adaptor (110V in Canada/USA)

  • Instruction booklet

  • Cleaning Brush


  • 72 tweezers – the most on the market – remove the majority of hair the first time, saving time and possible skin irritation by reducing the number of passes required to achieve smooth skin

  • Each disc set contains one fixed disk and two that open and close, to gently assist in skin stretching and increase comfort

  • 17mm disc opening – the optimal radius to effectively remove hair

  • Patented Glide Technology lifts up and removes hair by gliding the tweezer discs over the skin with less irritation

  • Dual-opposed heads hold the skin taut and are more comfortable than other epilators

  • Each set of dual-opposed head is staggered to cover more surface area and grasp all the hair the first time

  • Middle lifting fingers prepare hair for removal by lifting flat and short hair and decreasing the possibility of ingrown hair

  • Removes hair from the root, leaving skin smooth for up to six weeks

  • Silver Ion Technology provides antimicrobial protection

  • Curved shape is designed to hug the curves of the body

  • Ergonomically engineered handle is balanced in your hand and is easy to hold and maneuver all over the body

  • Removes hair as short as 0.5mm right from the root

  • Gentle enough to remove delicate facial hair on the upper lip and chin

  • Great for removing hair on the legs, bikini line and underarms

  • Dual speed control

  • Designed for corded with 110V in Canada/USA, and cordless operation

  • One year warranty

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