Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment 75ml

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Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment

Phyto Secret de Nuit, an intense Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment Cream, is a light, delicately fragranced moisturizer for the hair. Similar to a facial night cream, Phyto Secret de Nuit works overnight to regenerate, replenish and hydrate the hair. Upon waking, the hair is regenerated, soft and manageable, protected against the day ahead with the subtle fragrance of Secret de Nuit.

As with all Phyto products, Secret de Nuit contains the best in botanicals. Black Grape Procyanidins and Black Orchid Extract provide a protective barrier to combat hair oxidisation and protect against damaging free radicals. Macadamia Oil and Ceramides, encapsulated in chronospheres are time-released for 8 hours of intense hydration, nourishment and repair.

Treating your hair overnight when it is less exposed to external stress factors ensures the maximum benefit. For dry, damaged and dehydrated hair.


  • Hair feels renerated, hydrated, and lihgwight, easy to detangle

  • A lightweight, non-greasy texture for all hair types

  • No rinse formula. No need to wash hair in the morning

  • Does not stain pillows

  • Use at night before going to bed

  • Regenerating action from Macadamia Oil, Ceramindes, essential fatty acids and milk thistle fruit extract and grapeseed polyphenols

  • 91% of women who tried this product woke up with repaired, soft and regenerated hair

  • Botanical and natural active ingresients

  • Paraben free and silicon free

Use Directions

Apply a small amount of Phyto Secret de Nuit to dry hair before going to bed. Work into the lengths with your fingers. Use overnight, as often as required.

Begin the Secret de Nuit regimen by brushing the hair thoroughly to remove residual hair product and tangles. Apply a small, hazelnut size amount of Secret de Nuit Intense Night Cream to dry or towel dried hair. Avoid applying to the roots but concentrate on problem areas prone to dryness such as hair ends and over treated areas. Repeat two or three times depending on the thickness or porosity of the hair. Comb through hair for an even distribution . Finally do not rinse the hair and enjoy a restful sleep. In the morning style as usual.

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